B for Blame (A to Z of Grief)

At times the death of a loved one may be due, in part, to external forces or people. A careless driver, a vet, contaminated food, our own mistakes… and that can lead to blaming.

We blame because someone or something hurt a loved one and we want to make it right, make someone pay, get justice in some way. This anger is justified. However, when we blame we have to ask some important questions so we can use our energy to some good.

One of the most important questions associated with blame is “Can I do anything about it?” We can’t get our friend back, but can we do something to right a wrong that might hurt others? If so, we can turn our energy to making it right – a campaign or letter, a community awareness program… there and lots of options.

If we can’t do anything about it – whether it was someone else or an error on our part – we need to start to let it go. That doesn’t mean that we like it or that it was right, but without other options, we need to turn our energy to healing and release. Forgiveness is a process that can set us (and the memory of our dog) free.

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