F for Friend (A to Z of Grief)

What happens when you lose a best or closest friend? There’s a gap in your life that feels ‘unfillable’.

While no one can replace your dog, and that particular emotional bond that you had, sometimes a way to help you gently through the mourning process is to look at the ways in which your dog serve in roles in your life, and begin to look for others to support you in those roles.

There will be different aspects that are open to be filled. Someone to walk with, someone who listens, someone who gives and receives love, someone you can care for, someone who can make you laugh… and so many more.

While thinking of these things might bring up feelings of loss, it can be a starting point for you to see if there are people or animals in your life right now who can take up some aspects of the gap in your life. Or it may open you up to begin to look for those who can help you with these important needs and wants in your life from now on.

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