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Life is Challenging after the Death of My Dog…

Have you experienced a loss in your life that is hitting you harder than you expected? Do familiar places and old faces bring back painful memories of the space left in your life now that your dog is not longer with you?

Have you heard others tell you to get over being sad or mad or lonely because “it’s just a dog”? Do you feel misunderstood and frustrated by people who just don’t understand the depth of your love and connection?

Do you appreciate that while you will never forget your friend, you need to move on and live your life more fully… but don’t know how?

You are not alone. People who are deeply affected by the death of their loyal companion are special individuals. True dog parents have been touched by a deep bond of love and caring, and a connection does not end even when your dog is no longer with you.

But how do you move on? How do you appreciate your need to continue living and to begin to build up a life of meaning on your own, while still respecting the memory of your friend?

The Manual and Exercises for Moving Through Grief

We want to help see you through this difficult time of your life… and to do it with grace and ease. We’ve collected all the techniques we’ve used to successfully support other people like you and put them all in a simple exercise book that gives you the tools you need. This book is downloadable and available as a Kindle Book on Amazon, so it’s easy to get the support you need right away.

Audios Created to Support You Right Now:

Sometimes you need to hear the support of someone else through this difficult time. We have created audio recordings that help you through the various areas of grief that you are experiencing now. All audio sessions have been created to take less than fifteen minutes to listen to so you can spend a short amount of time while getting so much back by hearing these compassionate  and encouraging words and suggestions. They have been created to positively affect the way you think, feel and act for greater mental health and wellbeing.

Our audio series have been tailor made for the gender of your dog, so please select male or female when giving yourself this gift.

Best Value – The Entire Package with Audio Tools for Supporting you Through Your Loss:

We want to help you journey gently through your grief. The combination package of the “Life After My Dog” Exercise Manual with the three powerful audio albums “Start Healing”, “Set Yourself Free” and “Enhance Your Mind for Life” has been created as your most effective and supportive variety of tools available.

Meet One-to-one with a Grief Guide:

Jennifer Norris-Nielsen is taking appointments for those who want individual support in their journey through grief. Whether sessions take place via Skype or face-to-face, Jennifer’s brief therapeutic approaches are personally created to help you move through loss into a more restorative and peaceful place in your life.

Contact Jennifer directly at