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If you were looking for a sign to help... this is it

You don’t have to travel alone. Life After My Dog audios have been created to be a helpful voice through a difficult period of your life. To help you through the various areas of grief that you are experiencing now. All audio sessions have been created to take less than fifteen minutes to listen to.

You can invest just a short amount of time and get so much back while hearing these compassionate and encouraging words and suggestions. They have been created to positively affect the way you think, feel and act for greater mental health and wellbeing. Some of our audio series have been tailor made for the gender of your dog, so please select the gender of your dog (male or female) when giving yourself this gift.

Start Healing: Life After the Loss of Your Dog

Where do you go when you’re hurting after the loss of your good friend? This album is a great place to start – and can be used daily or whenever you need it.

These two audios have been crafted to allow you to understand and move through the grieving process to begin your personal journey in healing.

My Dog was Female
My Dog was Male

This audio helps to understand the natural and human emotion of grief, how you can appreciate your own reactions and those of others, and take steps towards valuing yourself and exploring options to help nurse you back to mental, physical or emotional health.

Get your copy today by clicking the link related to your dog’s gender below:

Emotional Lessons

Set Yourself Free: Lessons from the Emotions of Grief

The emotions you’re experiencing through your time of grief are understandable and very natural. Learn to value the information, lessons and insight available to you the feelings you are experiencing.

While it may not seem fair that your dog is no longer with you, allowing yourself the freedom from anger can restore your energy levels and release negativity that may be hurting you.

Enhance Your Mind for Life: Explore through Grief and Beyond

Drawn from the powerful exercises in the book “Life After My Dog” these audios help you more easily springboard into this new chapter of your life, by taking the valuable lessons from your dog and tapping into the wonderful attributes that your relationship has allowed you to possess.

Discover the power of your own heart; to experience love unconditionally, to bestow compassion on those who misunderstand you, and to discover your supporters now and into the future.

Get your copy today by clicking the link related to your dog’s gender below:

My Dog was FEMALE
My Dog was MALE